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Avène Cicalfate Restorative Hand Cream for Very Dry, Cracked Hands 100 ml

Avene Cicalfate Restorative Lip Cream for Chapped Lips nourishes, protects, and repairs dry lips and very localised areas of skin. This water-resistant formula provides long lasting nourishment and protection for delicate lips. Lips are shielded from external aggressors like cold, cleaning detergent products, and certain outdoor activities.

Key features of Avene Cicalfate Restorative Lip Cream

Nourishes, protects, and repairs dry lips
Water-resistant formula
Shields lips from external aggressors while providing lasting nourishment
Can be used on skin with localised dryness


Cicalfate Restorative HAND Cream moisturises very dry, irritated hands from the first application without leaving a sitcky feel on the skin. Cicalfate Restorative HAND Cream, a water-resistant** restorative hand cream helps to nourish, protect and replenish hands, especially after frequent washing or repeated use of hydroalcoholic solutions that dry the skin.

**Good water retention: 56.7% protection after 5 successive baths. Lipid index measurement on 11 subjects, single application.

Main benefits

• REPAIRS hands irritated by cold, frequent washing and repetitive use of hydroalcoholic gel. • SOOTHES dryness, irritation and tightness. Cicalfate Restorative HAND Cream quickly softens and soothes dry skin. • PROTECTS chapped, dry and irritated skin and limits the risk of bacterial proliferation.


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