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Caudalie Vinosculpt Contouring Concentrate 75mL

Caudalie Vinosculpt Contouring Concentrate 75ml is an intense ally in the firmness of the body by deeply nourishing the skin, smoothing it and giving it more elasticity.


Caudalie Vinosculpt Contouring Concentrate 75ml has a formula delicately designed to firm the skin of the body, namely arms, chest, stomach, and buttocks areas. Moreover, its dry oil texture has resculpting properties derived from 99% natural ingredients that adhere and absorb easily into the skin. In this sense, it not only helps to intensely hydrate and nourish the skin, but also defines the silhouette by activating drainage, eliminating excess water and toxins. In addition, it also helps to reduce the dimpled look of cellulite on the skin.

The composition of this oil has the presence of six purifying essential oils such as Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemon balm and Geranium. Basically, all these end up deeply nourishing the skin, strengthening its natural barrier and promoting greater elasticity and firmness. In turn, the skin of the body is also more toned, smoothed and even soothed. Moreover, combining this oil with body massages, this product ends up making the skin adapt more easily to how the body changes over time, helping for example to combat the appearance of stretch marks.

All in all, this dry oil not only nourishes the skin with essential nutrients for its hydration, smoothness and softness, but also becomes an ally in the firmness of the skin. In addition, it tones and makes it more elastic helping to prevent the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.


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