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SVR Palpebral Eyelid Cream 15ml

Anti-itching soothing eye cream for dry, sensitive, irritated, allergy-prone, eczema-prone, flaky + scaly skin on eyelids and under + around eyes. Suitable for ages 3+.


Anti-itch, irritation-reducing, soothing eyelid cream N°1**** treatment for soothing the oversensitized skin of the eye area**. Provides 24Hr*** hydration. Immediately soothes and lastingly relieves itching. Curbs the appearance of irritation, reduces sensitivity to external irritants as well as providing relief. Smooth cream texture, long lasting comfort. TOPIALYSE is the range dedicated to dry, very dry, irritated and atopy-prone skin. (‘atopic syndrome is characterized by a tendency to be “hyperallergic”. A person with atopy typically presents with one or more of the following: eczema (atopic dermatitis), allergic rhinitis (hay fever), or allergic asthma ‘ source Wikipedia). The Topialyse family of products provides a range of emollients and cleansers for the face and body, and provides enhanced anti-itching* action and maximum comfort and skin-tolerability. *Excepted Topialyse Mains et Lèvres **IMS FR 2015 ***Corneometry, 11 volunteers. **** prescribed by dermatologists

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