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SVR Spirial Deo Douche 200ml

SVR Spirial Déo-Douche Intense Freshness Deodorizing Gel cleanses the skin and leaves a sensation of freshness throughout the day, while controlling unpleasant odors.


SVR Spirial Déo-Douche Deodorizing Cleansing Gel is a face and hair shower gel recommended for intense sweating.

This soap-free deodorant cleansing gel, without paraben, alcohol, aluminum salts, ideal for sensitive skin, is enriched with probiotic agents for a long-lasting protection against bad odours.

Does not dry the skin, does not sting the eyes.

Fresh fragrance without allergen. Dermatologically tested, physiological pH, hypoallergenic.

With aluminium salts free. Soap free. Alcohol free. Paraben free.


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